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A seamless trip experience before you embark on your cruise! My Galapagos Trip is an app designed to enhance your Galapagos journey, accessing the most relevant travel information in one place.

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Available for free for Apple© and Android© devices at their respective application stores.

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Log into the App by entering the code sent. Please contact your Travel Agent if you don't have your code yet.

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All information is stored offline, so you can access your Galapagos cruise details anywhere at any time.

Essential information for traveling to Galapagos, just a click away!

Pre-trip details, essential Galapagos information and required documentation to travel to the Islands can be easily found. Furthermore, there is an option to download travel vouchers and detailed itineraries to access them at any point, even if there is no internet connection available.

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  • Fast and easy access to travel voucher and detailed itineraries

  • Safe and simple to use with a system-generated access code

  • General Galapagos information and cruise features available

  • Download My Galapagos Trip App today with no cost from Google Play and the App Store, and embark on an extraordinary adventure filled with natural wonders, breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable memories.
Muy Galapagos Trip

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